Productivity techniques

Productivity techniques

I have created different categories for productivity. Each technique helps to improve your performance in different aspects.
Although exists a lot of different working strategies, you have to choose the best strategies for you!
I know what you are thinking right now "ok but.. How can I understand what are the best strategies for me?"
The answer is: Test them!
You can test all the strategies, mix them up, and try to understand what it works better for you. Please be aware that, in different parts of your life you would prefer to use different strategies. The only important thing is the result you produce, not the strategy.

πŸ… Focus

πŸ“… Journaling

☸️ Routines

🎯 Prioritization

πŸš€ Throughput

βœ… Complete lists

This is a list of useful blog posts to achieve a more complete overview on these techniques: