Decision making


We take a lot of decisions each day. I think it is really worth studying how to take better decisions. In the next sections, you will find my strategy and a lot of useful Mental models that you can use

My decision-making strategy

  1. Define carefully the problem you’re going to solve.
    1. Challenge the problem itself (understand if it is the right problem!)
    2. Define urgency and priority (Eisenhower matrix)
  1. List the possible options
    1. Brainstorming
    2. Search for other inputs online
    3. Search for advice from experts
  1. List Pros and Cons
    1. Check for different timeframes
    2. Be as data-driven as possible
  1. Query your values and your desires
    1. If you can, prototype (Design your Life book)
  1. Take a decision
  1. Commit to it
    1. Don’t look back (at least for a while)
  1. Evaluate after T time
  1. Iterate over your decision
You can find a diagram of my process here:
notion image

Mental models

In addition, you can choose to apply a lot of different tools.
  • Paradox of Choice
    • Barry Schwartz’s TED Talk
      • Embrace certain voluntary constraints on your choices.
      • Opt for “good enough” instead of always seeking the best.
      • Lower your expectations.
      • Make your decisions non-reversible.
      • Pay less attention to other people.
  • Engineering Problems vs Design Problem (Designing your Life)
    • Brainstorm
    • Plan
    • Prototype
    • Decide
Never Tried so far but they seem interesting
  • Book “Decisive”:
    • Review by JD Roth
      • “there are four major villains when it comes to making good decisions”
      • WRAP process
  • Book “Thinking in Bets
    • James Altucher’s interview with Annie Duke
      P.s. The majority of the tools listed here are from the Mr.RIP YouTube Channel. Please take a look. Mr.RIP changed my life ;)